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MTI 2006 : Future City Competition & Wikis In The Classroom (Mini Sessions)

Future City Competition

Brad presented a quick summary of the Future City Competition. This is a great activity for students to not only have the fun of building a city using SimCity 3000, but also learn about dedication and teamwork by also having to create written materials, a 3D model of an aspect of their city, and present the entire project to a team of judges. There are various deadlines throughout the fall, with the actual state competition event taking place in January at Kansas State University.

Presenter: Brad Shores of Parsons Brinkerhoff Engineering in Wichita, Kansas

Using Wikis For Collaboration

Challenges of Collaboration

  • takes time
  • tracking details
  • competitive parties in the group
  • unintentional duplication
  • conflicts
  • momentum/participation

Wikis run from a globally accessible web based server with tracking history.

WSU COE put together a CTRE workshop on wikis, blogs, etc. to help launch into using these tools.

Wikis can be set up on your own server or you can use already available sites like wikispaces or edublog.

The immediacy of publishing what you write makes you think differently about your writing and what can happen to it.

Session presentation at

Presenters: Julie Bath and Karen Reynolds of the Wichita State University College of Education


July 28, 2006 - Posted by | Conference Blogging

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, and esp the link to Julie and Karen’s wiki collaboration page! 🙂

    Comment by Wesley Fryer | July 29, 2006

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