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MTI2006 : CohortMax

CohortMax: Using Excel to Facilitate School-Based Test Score Analysis

Intent is to have data be more rapidly usable in the school.

Number of total tests taken in student life cycle is increasing dramatically.

BV uses 7 demographic variables, 25 MAP variables, and numerous KSA varialbes to cull when exporting data from SPSS to Excel.

To handle overflow of variables in Excel BV Data Team: after MAP in grade 6 they keep one worksheet with key data (last 4 iterations of MAP and last 2 iterations of KSA in order to see back at least a couple years in time with the student data).

See PPT for flowchart of tasks in constructing and continuing CohortMax files.

Always make sure you make a backup file and then make a copy to have as the “for use” file.

Use Excel sort features to analyze highest and lowest scoring students on a particular variable, for example. If you make a “for use” copy, you can also strip out the unused variable columns to show only the pertinent data. Great for getting specific data for an individual teacher or department. By using a mix of ascending and descending sorts, you can get a sensitivity analysis to see students with major discrepancies that are enlightening. Use average on columns to see which area that the group as a whole has the most difficulty. Using count features, you can generate graphs based on “segments” in the group, such as low, mid, hi.

Presenter: Bernard Schuster of the Blue Valley Schools


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