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OK, Its Been Awhile…

Wow, is my new job busy! Not only a lot to do, but the learning curve is steep! I have learned so much about the world of data in eduation, but have so far to go. There really is tremendous power in making use of data, but it is critical to get past just looking at the information. From there, you have to make the brave step into changing something – it might work, it might not, but if the data tells us students haven’t learned something yet, we need to reteach in a different way. And for this to be really effective, we have to work together with our colleagues. We cannot be hermit educators in our classroom, because it runs the risk of the status quo becoming the norm. We have to be willing to get outside our comfort zone!

I sincerely will try to write more regularly than once every four months, and I hope that my work here is found to be useful to someone. Together we can make a difference!


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