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Losing The Battle, Not Just The Boys?

I sent this article from the 2/25/2007 Wichita Eagle to Scott McLeod (Dangerously Irrelevant), and I agree with his sentiment that it is just as much about engagement as it is about boys. And we need to make sure we are engaging the girls, too, because we can’t just presume that ALL girls will approach their education with eagerness.

Taking an active part of one’s education is a huge element in success, and how do we expect our young people to be competitive in a rapidly changing, interaction/communication drive, and innovation oriented world with our current focus on “drill and kill” for those oh so boring but oh so important (at least in the government’s eyes) multiple choice standarized tests? We actually probably are getting our students to perform better on these tests, but at what price? Love of learning? Lots of creative and innovative “outside the box” thinking? Passion for something you really are interested in? Perhaps we could strive for a society like the one in Harrison Bergeron where the goal is to be completely and utterly average.

Would the reality of what NCLB has become in our schools have been the recipe for getting us to the moon if this were the early 1960s? Yes, we need to help those students that struggle, but we ALSO need to make sure we push the middle and top end students to their fullest potential and not let them wallow and settle for just being good when their potential is higher.

How? We could continue to push the envelope that Web 2.0 allows us to push more easily. A place where everyone can participate in the discussion whether face to face or virtual, where everyone has the opportunity to have their voice be heard, where collaboration and teamwork are the norm, and hopefully where the joy and energy of learning thrive and develop. Oh sure we will still have to do assessments (but maybe in a different way) and we will still have to have many of the tried and true ways of “doing school” still take place, but if we can continue to incorporate the power of Web 2.0 into more of how we “do school” we can help our youngsters be better prepared for a real world THEY ALREADY LIVE IN. Personally, I’d rather they explore that world with guidance from those of us who have been around the block a few times, even if we don’t totally get all the technical stuff.


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