Connected Learning

Learning Is About Connections Of All Kinds…

About The Author

Jeff Yearout teaches Applied Technologies in the Synergistics Systems program at Derby Middle School in Derby, Kansas. This site is intended to be “a place to learn, think, ponder, and reflect about educational technology and the use of data in education”, and I hope the readers join in the process! By sharing and listening, discussing and debating, and agreeing and even disagreeing, we can collectively fuel the engine of technology and its use in the lives of our students AND everyone else in the school community.

Most posts that I make are drafted and published with care and reason, with the exception of those in the category “Conference Blogging”. I write those “on the fly”, and though I often will go back and clean things up afterwards, there is no guarantee that I will always do that task. There might also occasionally be items in a conference blog post that seem a little disjunct, unrelated, or flat out surreal – it is most likely a note to myself or some random thought that barrelled through my brain. Bear with me when you see those!

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